Partyboy Skateboards is based in the Quad Cities, USA and produces various skateboard decks, custom wheels, tshirts, hoodies, hats, beanies and has recently created Partyboy Skateboards Rude Punch energy drink in tandem with Great River Brewery of Davenport, Iowa.  We have a small, but tight group of riders that wear the Partyboy shield and we are entering into year 3 of the PBS Summer Skate Jam where many regional riders compete, musical artists play the main stage and special guests are brought in for the celebration all to raise money and awareness for Davenport Skate Church and celebrate our own youth skateboarding community.

Partyboy Skateboards started in 1979, back when the sport was still getting started and skateboards were just wheels strapped to a board.  It was the days of the kids that created the sport from a combination of surf boards and roller skates to be able to surf, even if there were no waves. 

Soon after Dogtown, Tony Alva and company had started the scene in California, along came a kid called Chopper (named by his elders because he couldn't quit running his mouth) from Moline, Illinois.  Chopper grew up reading Skateboarder magazine and had the crazy dream that one day maybe he would be joining them, a dream that didn't stay a dream for long.  Check out the mini doc "Origins" below to see the full story for yourself!